Returning the Organically Beautiful You.....

100% Curly
100% Natural

At Honeecomb we care for more than just your hair, we care for the total you. All products are either handmade from organic sources or are natural and synthetic free
  1. Natural Twist
    You have so many options when it comes to twists! You can two strand twist, finger twist or comb twist and we have you totally covered!
  2. Locs
    We maintain all forms of locs. If you have traditional free locs, interlocs, micro locs or palm rolled locs...we will nurture them root to tip!
  3. Straw Sets
    A great event style, everyday style or transition style...get your hair set in perfect spirals with a roller set that will last and give you two styles in one!
  4. Up-do
    Every afro's go to Protective style...the Updo! Cornrow or flat twist that afro into a beautiful up-do that will last weeks! 100% weekend AND work day ready!!!!